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Reality Building Design offers a wide variety of services to both domestic and commercial clients


The quality of any project is always affected by the quality of the original survey: rubbish in, rubbish out as the saying goes. With an emphasis on accuracy and providing information in an accessible format, Reality Building Design carries out a wide range of surveys for both private and commercial clients. From small house surveys, through to large scale commercial buildings, Reality Building Design provides accurate drawings which are clear and, if necessary, formatted to match a commercial clients output and branding.

We use both physical and digital measuring systems as appropriate to the project. For most projects, we recommend a fully triangulated survey. However, dependant on the type of work being carried out, some surveys can be scaled back to aid a quick turnaround. A good example of this are commercial warehouses, which for most purposes can be assumed to be square with no triangulation necessary. Taking this a step further would be an estate agents survey, in which only overall room sizes are taken in order to produce indicative plans suitable for estate agency purposes.

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The proposals stage is usually the most important stage from the clients perspective. This is where you get to express what is most important to you about the project. From gaining much needed space in your home to modernising the layout to suit contemporary living, the emphasis with a design from Reality Building Design is on what works for you, in your space, with your lifestyle as a guide.

Quite often, the client brief is simple and obvious. The need for an additional bedroom to accommodate a growing family or the enlarging of an undersized kitchen so that it becomes more useable. However, it is not uncommon for people to have an issue with their home without any clear idea of how best to resolve it. This is where Reality Building Design can bring our experience to bear, enabling a reorganisation of your home that can look past the limitations of the existing structure into what is possible.

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Depending on the extent of the work required to achieve your desired outcome, your proposals may require planning permission. Reality Building Design has a wide range of experience across a number of local planning authorities, preparing planning applications for everything from extensions to new build houses.

We also have experience in working with listed buildings, conservation areas and planning appeals, preparing detailed submission documents to help the application process.

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Architectural Visualisation

Quite often, it can be helpful to prepare artistic renderings of proposals to help visualise them in the context of the existing property. These renderings can range from simple 3d massings to fully photorealistc renderings.

Architectural Visualisations can help you understand the effects of proposals in context, they can be instrumental in obtaining planning permission under some circumstances and they can also be used to help sell a property with planning permission. Our Gallery has examples of the range of visualisations of we have produced.

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Detail Design

The detailed design of a construction project can be the most fundamental aspect of the design work. Detailed design drawings produced by Reality Building Design are suitable for Building Regulations approval, pricing and during the construction process. Always with an eye on detail and the larger scope of the project.

Where called for we are happy to work with approved building control inspectors, however Reality Building Design is a registered LABC partner and favours working with Local Authority Building Control.

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Terms and Conditions

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